Frequently asked questions

What bonuses come with the BBB Course?

You will get:
Grazeology 101- Teaching you color techniques and more on how to style a table
Best Asked Questions- This Freebie features questions from clients and IG. All Aboard eBook- Get some behind the scene knowledge of the industry

What are the coaching packages?

You can break up your hours into 30 minutes. Calls are usullay weekly or bi weekly. If you want to do twice a week please let us know. 2 hours $225 4 hours $420 6 hours $620

Do you cover how to work with influencers in the course?

Yes, we touch on Instagram, booking clients, and how to approach your dream client aka that influencer that you've had your eye on. Also in the eBook I share my experinence with working with Influencers.

Does it make sense for me to sign up if I'm in a different Country or State?

Yes. This course is designed to be universal. If something specific to my region comes up, do your research and check your towns regulations.

What payments do you accept?

We recently started accepting Venmo for your conveinece. We also accept Zelle and Wire Transfers.

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