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B r a n d e d 

Hello easy money! Branded is for YOU.


Do you want to make easy money?  Think of the products you use day to day. From start to finish. Your coffee, the butter you put on your toast, your toaster, the brand of parchment paper you use when setting up your boards, the software tools you use to send invoices, the apps you love, and the list goes on and on. I've created a list for you that is designed for caterers like us. Don't worry, these brands like to collaborate with people in the same niche. :) We all have different ways of sharing our story. So, how will you share yours?

What is included:

- 100 CONTACTS: Social handles + Emails 

-Media Kit overview 

-How to price and what are you selling 

-Service Agreement Guide 

-Defining Nano/Micro/Macro Influencers 

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