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Are you tired of working your 9-5 job? Have you always dreamt about creating your own schedule and not having a boss tell you what to do?  Maybe you don’t have a degree or any direction with how or where to start. 

When starting a business in this industry you need two things. One, an eye for styling, and two, a commitment to following through no matter what. TGA can teach you how to style and give you all the tools you need to start a business and switch your mindset, but if you don’t have the commitment for yourself how can you expect to commit to anything else? 




Are you eager to 

create something you love ? 

Something Profitable?

Something worth doing?


We've got that Somethin' Somethin' 

BBB trailer + reviews

BBB trailer + reviews

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Enrolling into Board to Business Blueprint is a great start

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What is BBB?

Why do I need it?

BBB is an online course that guides you with all the steps you need to take to make your business official and profitable. There is a right way and a wrong way and BBB is taking you down the right way. Founder, Sofia Dedola started her catering company with zero experience in business and without a college degree. Yet, within six months of starting she already booked big clients like, Equinox, West Elm, and Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential. The Graze Academy was created to be the mentor for everyone embarking on this journey. Starting a business can be tricky, but

BBB helps minimize the hick-ups and maximize your profits.

If you are making boards for a hobby, then why not capitalize on it? This is the season. This trend is only growing and becoming more and more popular. Don't worry, the more the market saturates, the better. This means more and more people are wanting the services that YOU OFFER. And trust me, there are enough events to go around.

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→  5 recorded modules

→  Audio resource Course Cast

→  Shopping List

→  Service Agreement

→  Contract

→  Example invoices

→  Forever Access to Private Members only BBB Group

voice memo support on DMs


BBB Incudes

→  Mastermind Recordings

$89 value

BBB Bonus



In these 6 modules, you will receive all the tools and guidance to learn how to start or expand your business. These are designed to be digestible yet filling. I want everyone who takes this course to know that all the mistakes and financial burdens I made along the way could have been AVOIDED if someone made a Blueprint like this... Now my lessons are a lesson for everyone. My business still thrived, but I could have saved time and so much money if I knew all of these.


Module 1:Who What When Where and WHY?

You must get clear on what you want to be of service to. Once you have clarity on this, your dream business can start to become a reality. 


Module 2: Prepping Details

There are some simple and not so simple things when it comes to prepping. It takes time and lots of organization. Be sure you are prepping the right way and are set up for success.


Module 3: Invoicing & Rates

Now that you know who your ideal client and you know all the prepping techniques it's time to dive into invoicing and rates. How much do you spend on your products? What should my rate be? We cover everything you need to know about money. 


Module 4: Legal 

Yes...Legal. Like any business, there are permits, licenses, and more. Be sure you cover your tracks before you go all official on us. 


Module 5: Marketing tools

Can't make a profit if you don't have the right marketing tools. We talk about Instagram, website, logo, and more. 


Module 6: Mindset shifts

It's scary starting a new business. Sometimes you don't want to step outside of your comfort zone. Maybe platters are all you've been doing and you don't feel like you deserve to charge $1500 for a grazing table, or that you aren't "capable" to do a 4-foot grazing table. (btw- that thought is bologna, you so are capable of making all the money and creating the longest grazer.)


Being apart of a community of fellow entrepreneurs and cheese lovers is rare. They are good people and know what it's like to go through the highs and lows of starting a business. Most people are exactly where you are RIGHT NOW. Imagine what it would feel like to be surrounded by people just like you. We are all here to support each other along the way. 


We are happy to be there for you every step of the way.  We host our private community on Facebook. Once you enroll you will have lifetime access to this group. 


The community gets special deals before everyone else and things are posted there that aren't for the public. Our group is constantly growing with new members from around the world.

Stay inspired, Enroll today!


The Graze Academy

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