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Are you tired of working your 9-5 job? Have you always dreamt about creating your own schedule and not having a boss tell you what to do?  Maybe you don’t have a degree or any direction with how or where to start. 

When starting a business in this industry you need two things. One, an eye for styling, and two, a commitment to following through no matter what. TGA can teach you how to style and give you all the tools you need to start a business and switch your mindset, but if you don’t have the commitment for yourself how can you expect to commit to anything else? 



If you are serious about working for yourself, doing something you love, and creating your own schedule..then you are in the right space. 

You have two options though...


You can either keep doing what you've been doing, which maybe is boards as a hobby here and there, scrolling on IG wishing you could have a business while you sit in your cubicle... OR... you can step into the YOU that is creative, ambitious, and a "Charcutepenuer" at heart.