I've packed this whole course from start to finish on what it looks like booking, shopping, and styling a grazing table for 50+ people. 

When you invest in Styled & Layered Course not only will you get all the juicy details on Grazing Tables but you will get downloadable templates that you can use for every event. There is also a script you can use when you are pitching your tables to future clients. 



grazing table

So you already have your board business up and running?

Girl, yay! Good for you!

If you're looking to do Grazing Tables and want to make a bigger PROFIT then you are in the right place.


what you get

This course is specific to booking a grazing table for a wedding.

I will tell you:


what questions to ask,

• how to charge,

• how much food to buy,

•what types of props,

•where to shop,

•what it looks like setting up for the event,

• and so much more.