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Bowl of Fruits

Online Courses 

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Styled & Layered Course is more than just a tutorial on how to set up grazing table for 50+ using props. We walk you through all the steps you need to take to get there. 
No detail goes left unsaid. 
See more here. 

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Board to Business Blueprint is the first business course ever to hit the online digital community for cheeseboard lovers worldwide. Kind of a big deal huh? 
This course is the nitty gritty for the newbie. Only pre-req you need is an eye for style and a passion for profit. ;) 
Learn more here. 

The most beautiful tutorial of a grazing table. ( Okay, maaaaaybe I'm bias.) In this half hour tutorial I will walk you through my styling eye. Learning where to put items, what to do if you run out of space, what items go on and when, and so much more! 
WANT IT? Click me!

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F r e e b i e s 

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