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Board to Business Blueprint

"I worked 40 hours a week. Now I make double the salary I had while ONLY working 40 hours a MONTH." 

The step by step course on how to start your Charcuterie-Catering Business today!

It's not easy learning the ropes of a business that just started booming within the last five years.  There isn't a college class you can take or a "Grazing for Dummies" book you can read. 

Until now...

What took me nearly two years to figure out can take you 90 days or less. I have put all my tools in 6 digestible  modules so that you know exactly how to get a profitable business started. 
The bonuses inside Board to Business Blueprint will offer you even more insight on specific questions asked by your peers, seeing my exact contract I use, a food formula, and more.  This is perfect for someone who wants to have all the guess work taken out of it.  

Shaylie says...

-Shaylie Cruz @spreadthelovecharcuterietx

" I have learned SO much from BBB. I have dodged so many bullets having started my business only a month ago. Just want to say I am so thankful for you, Sofia!! You have such a kind spirit and do so well championing all my charcuterie ambitions. I thank you for the way you encourage and empower women all over!"


I'm sure you're wondering...

"How do I know the amount of food to buy?"

"Where do I get clients?" 

"What if I have zero background with catering?" 

"There are already so many people doing this. I'll never make it." 


I'll answer all your burning questions and more...

...How to identify your dream client
...Give you my proven formula

...Send invoices up to thousands of dollars
...How to prep efficiently  for an event 

...Create your  own schedule 
...Brand your business in a way that sets YOU apart 
...Learn how much food to buy and how to price accordingly 
...Resources on permits, licenses, contracts, and agreements
...The tools I use to run my 6 figure catering company 




How to make your money back...

Make 5x your money
back on a grazing table..

If you did a table for  70 people at a rate of $25pp that would be  $1750. 00 - ( 5x what you are paying with BBB.) 

Trust the process. In this course you will have hands on support from the Founder of Olive & Nectar. Join hundreds of others successfully building their business.

Coffee and Laptop in Bed

Hello new friends...

I'm Sofia Dedola 

Founder of Olive & Nectar

Addicted to Cold Brew

Girl Mom

Gummies are a midnight snack

Macklemore all day

I'm so excited to take you on this incredible 

journey of creative and financial freedom.


Tell me what is included...


In these 6 modules, you will receive all the tools and guidance to learn how to start or expand your business. These are designed to be digestible yet filling. I want everyone who takes this course to know that all the mistakes and financial burdens I made along the way could have been AVOIDED if someone made a Blueprint like this... Now my lessons are a lesson for everyone. 


Module 1:Who What When Where and WHY?

You must get clear on what you want to be of service to. Once you have clarity on this, your dream business can start to become a reality. 


Module 2: Prepping Details

There are some simple and not so simple things when it comes to prepping. It takes time and lots of organization. Be sure you are prepping the right way and are set up for success.


Module 3: Invoicing & Rates

Now that you know who your ideal client and you know all the prepping techniques it's time to dive into invoicing and rates. How much do you spend on your products? What should my rate be? We cover everything you need to know about money. 


Module 4: Legal 

Yes...Legal. Like any business, there are permits, licenses, and more. Be sure you cover your tracks before you go all official on us. 


Module 5: Marketing Tools

Can't make a profit if you don't have the right marketing tools. We talk about Instagram, website, logo, and more. 


Module 6: Mindset Shifts

It's scary starting a new business. Sometimes you don't want to step outside of your comfort zone. Maybe platters are all you've been doing and you don't feel like you deserve to charge $1500 for a grazing table, or that you aren't "capable" to do a 4-foot grazing table. (btw- that thought is bologna, you so are capable of making all the money and creating the longest grazer.)

When I realized I could 
make the same amount of money I was making in 
one month at my 9-5...
I knew it was time to quit.


White Objects

Still on the fence?

Check out my FREE MASTERCLASS for more information on how you can start your side hustle today!!! 

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