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"I can't thank you enough. I am now booked all month with workshops." 


👩‍🍳 For Catering Queens, By a Catering Queen


Are you a dynamic woman with a catering company specializing in charcuterie delights? Ever wished you could confidently host your own cheeseboard workshops, dazzling clients with your expertise? Look no further – this course is tailored just for you!

Get ready to

Werk Werk Werk!

from this

Nervous to teach

No clue how to fill time

Not sure how to charge

Lost at where to find clients

to this

Icebreaker ready

Upselling your workshop

Perfectly priced

Ready to teach


Our BEST  selling course

In this audio course you will learn who your ideal client is and how your teaching style will change for each one. You'll learn what to do with awkward silences, fun icebreakers, and you'll get a downloadable calculator. 

 Unveiling Secrets Unavailable on Google

✨ What You'll Gain: Confidence, Creativity, and More

Join us to unlock a treasure trove of skills – from boosting your confidence as a workshop host to unleashing your creativity on the charcuterie canvas. Discover the art of filling time gaps seamlessly, tailoring your pitch to diverse audiences, mastering pricing strategies, and much more.


Do I have to have a business to start workshops or can I start here? 

No. If this is what you want to do before or instead Grazing tables this is a great course for you.

How long is the course?

Just under an hour :)

What is included?

A customized calculator to price EVERYTHING you need for workshops.

The Graze Academy

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