How can you expect to make a profit if you don't invest in yourself? You'll lose money that way. 


I started my Board Business at the end of 2017 called Olive & Nectar. I was working full-time at a job while trying to get my name out there. I overspent on props and produce, I didn't know about entities or DBA's, permits, and I certainly didn't make a profit because I had no clue on how to manage money coming in. I was desperate to make boards and tables for people. I loved doing it so the money part wasn't my main intention...But I clearly needed it to be as I overspent in the wrong areas and came out negative. 
After much experience and many mistakes, I was able to grow my business and make more money doing tables than at my 9-5 job. Can you believe that? I even went through the doubt of sending that $2500 invoice. Thinking, "Am I really deserving of this?"
Yes. I am. And so are you!
I've designed this course for people who have experience with their creative side and need some nurturing on the business end of things. (Google doesn't have all the answers.)  And then for people who are not fully in touch with the "creative side" Or have done boxes only...I've created Grazeology 101. A video that teaches you how to make a Flat Lay with all my secret coloring techniques, layering, and more. Check out my shop. We have other great products to jump-start your career today!! 

"I was still working at my previous job of 8+ years when Sofia, founder of The Graze Academy (TGA), reached out. I was cautious at first since taking that leap of faith to pursue my then super serious side hobby, Blossom Valley Boards, full-time was for lack of a better word: terrifying. I decided to have a phone call with her, and instantly felt reassured and like I wasn't alone in this. I come from extensive experience in culinary and food service but really didn't know where to start when it came to marketing, business needs, and finances. Sofia has already jumped through all the hoops when starting her successful company Olive & Nectar, and provides clear and concise guidance in all areas of being a business owner. Aside from her knowledge of all things business and marketing, and for me a huge benefit, Sofia has a motivating and caring personality. She's your cheerleader, co-worker, boss, etc..when you don't have any! I found it so helpful to schedule a call with her at the start of my week - it kept me moving forward, accountable and confident.  I would highly recommend joining TGA if you're thinking about starting a business, in the thick of it or even if you're already smooth sailing. I'm confident she can help anyone take their career to the next level! Endless gratitude to Sofia and TGA for always supporting and believing in me and Blossom Valley Boards. Couldn't be where I am less than 3 months into this adventure without you!"

Callie, Blossom Valley Boards, San Francisco