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I'm a six figure event vendor. Nice to meet you. 

I'm Sofia Dedola and my catering company (Olive and Nectar) took off in 2017 being one of the very first companies to serve Los Angeles. I am honored to share the ins-and outs of running a company, how to learn new skills to make more money, and of course, creating a passive income to compliment your current active income. 


Not only will I equip you with all the formulas, contracts, and endless amount of support, I will also show you how YOU CAN make money and work less hours hours. So, are you ready? 

Which has brought you here today?

I want to learn 
how to set up a Flat Lay or  Styled Grazing Table

I want to have my own charcuterie catering company 

in less than 90 days


"What is The Graze Academy?"

A community of like minded entrepreneurs 

We offer everything from coaching, tutorials, online courses and more. 

Free resources and valuable information shared daily on @thegrazeacademy Instagram

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Be the first to know when deals drop, recipes are released, courses and coaching programs are launched, and FREEBIES ARE FLYIN! 

Image by Diana Light


Get ready to UP LEVEL! 

The Graze Academy

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